Rosco's Rescue Ranch
                                                                     & Sanctuary  

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                                            MISSION STATEMENT

          “At Rosco’s Rescue Ranch & Sanctuary, we rescue and rehabilitate starved, neglected, abused or unwanted horses, donkeys, miniature mules and ponies.  Once rescued, they are placed at our facility or in a foster home, until they are ready for adoption.  While in our program, we provide food, Vet and Farrier care, training and plenty of TLC.  We screen all potential adoptive homes, to ensure that they have the best possible forever home. In the event that a rescue is not adoptable, we provide a forever home in our Sanctuary. Rosco’s Rescue Ranch & Sanctuary, is a no-kill organization.  All horses, donkeys, mules and ponies in our care, are given a second chance to live a healthy, happy life.”


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               Baby Hope