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Equine Assisted Pyschotherapy (EAP) Program

EAP is perfect for individual/family therapy sessions.  It takes people out of their familiar roles and helps them objectively identify their strengths and weaknesses.   The exercises are designed to challenge individuals to find creative ways to reach goals.  Individual strengths are recognized and then utilized to help the individual succeed in his or her assigned task.  Work with the horses/donkeys is done on the ground with no riding involved.  EAP helps foster communication, cooperation and trust.  The therapist and equine help the person process feelings, behaviors, and patterns observed in the session.  Exploring a person's choices helps bring insight to existing dynamics, as well as undiscovered potential of the individual.  Issues of accountability, ethics, honesty, assertiveness, self control and perserverance are explored.  The horse/donkey honestly reflects the individual's behavior, which helps the person learn to modulate his or her behavior.  

Meet our Equine "therapists"