Rosco's Rescue Ranch
                                                                     & Sanctuary  

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Hey or Hay! (whichever your prefer).  My name is Rosco.  I am a 23 year old Quarter/Paint gelding.  As you may have guessed, I am the founder (with my human "mare") of Rosco's Rescue Ranch.  I came from a boarding facility, where I was the "low guy" in my herd.  I am here with Fancy Pants, I am in charge!  It's good to be the King.  Mom says that I am full of myself at times, and spoiled rotten.  In return for the TLC, I take Mom trail riding, and let her dress me up in silly stuff.  I think that all horses and -- ok, donkeys too -- deserve to be loved and spoiled as much as I am.   

Hee Haw! My name is Fancy Pants (no, it really is).  I am a 19-year-old Miniature Donkey.  I used to live on a donkey farm with many other donkeys.  My owners took good care of me, but due to health issues, had to find us all new homes.  When I came to Rosco's Rescue Ranch, I had never been with a horse before.  Vinny came up to me slowly, and explained that she was glad that I was there, and happy to have a friend.  After that, we became BFF's.  Vinny watches over me, like I was her foal (she doesn't know that I have had 4 foals of my own).  When she thinks that Rosco is playing too rough with me, she chases him away. I am trying to understand these equine running games.  I try to keep up, and run as fast as I can... then all the sudden we stop and eat grass?!  My new mom says that I will stay here to keep Rosco and Vinny company, and to greet the mini-donkey  rescues that arrive.                                          

My name is Lucy. I am a 11 year old miniature mule (henny). I was rescued with Star from central Nebraska.  One of my previous owners roped me like a cow, and abused me.  When I came to the rescue, I has fearful of humans, head and neck shy.  Over the past year, I have begun to trust again.  I have made steady progress, but still have a way to go.  I have had several people come to meet me for adoption, but were concerned about my issues.  My rescue mom says that since I am making progress here, and am happy, that Rosco's Rescue Ranch will be my forever home.  Everyone loves me here, and I don't have to worry about anyone hurting me ever again. 

My name is Star.  I am a 11 year old miniature horse.  I came to the rescue with Miss Lucy.  We have lived together for the past 4 years.  Lucy was abused by another owner she lived with before we met, and is afraid of people.  I take care of her, and she likes me a lot.  I am halter broke, will stand for the Farrier and Vet, will lead and load.  I will allow small children to ride on me bare back, while being led, but am not broke to the saddle or bit.  I love to have my beautiful mane and tail brushed, treats and attention.  It's all about me, you know.  

Hee Haw!  My name is Mystic.  I am a 22 years old miniature donkey, and with beautiful blue eyes.  I used to live on the same donkey farm as Fancy Pants.  I came to Rosco's Rescue Ranch before Christmas in 2014, with my buddy Frolic (below).  I was surprised that my old friend was here and glad!  Frolic was happy too.  Now part of the old gang is together again!  My new mom says that I will stay on the ranch to keep Fancy and Frolic company, and be a therapy donkey.  I don't know what that means, but I get treats and lots of love and attention, so it must be good.

Hee Haw!  My name is Frolic.  I am a 20 year old miniature donkey.  I came to Rosco's Rescue Ranch with my buddy Mystic (above).  I was so excited when Mystic and I got here, that I leaped off the trailer and couldn't wait to see my new home!  There were big socks hanging from the sign near our pen.  Mom said that Santa was coming, and would bring us treats.  She said that my name was on the stocking, so Santa wouldn't forget me.  She was right!  We all got treats in our stockings.  Me and Mystic have our very own pen and donkey hut, so we get to stay together.  I am happy to be here with Fancy again too.  I limp sometimes on my front leg and my knee gets swollen.  Mom is taking care of me, and says that I will stay with Mystic and the rest here at the ranch.  I get to be a therapy donkey too, like Mystic.  That means that I don't have to wait for Santa to bring me more treats.  Little people come and bring them too!  

My name is Sally.  I am a 10 year old Standard donkey. I came to the rescue with my yearling son, Linus (aka Goober).  My rescue mom gave us both names, because we did not have any.  Linus' daddy and I were left together, by my previous owner, and we got the fooling around again, and I got pregnant with Emmie.  My previous owners did not spend much time with me, so my rescue mom is halter training me, and teaching me to lead.  Most of the time, I just follow her. I am halter broke now, and will stand for the Vet and Farrier.  On August 30, 2015,  had my 2nd baby.  A little jenny, and her name is Emmie Luna.    

My name is Linus (aka Goober).  I came to the rescue with my mom, Sally.  I am a 6 year old Standard gelded Jack.  The rescue lady has trained me to the halter, and I'm learning to lead.  I have also tried on a saddle and bridle, as well as driving tack.  I was not afraid of either. I stand for the Farrier and Vet.  I love to play chase with my sister Emmie, during turn-out.  The rescue lady says that I am a smart guy, and I have lots of potential.  I love attention and kisses.

My name is Emmie Luna (Emmie).  Sally is my mom.  She had me on the full moon, August 30, 2015.  The rescue lady is working with me on leading.  I am halter broke and will stand for the Farrier and Vet.  I play with my brother, Goober, during turn-out.  I am very friendly and love attention.

My name is Jim.  

I came to the rescue as an owner surrender, due to neglect.  I am a 29 year old Quarter horse gelding.  I am broke to ride, for an experienced rider.  I have a good temperment and good ground manners.  I lead, load, and stand for the farrier and vet.  Due to my age and special feeding needs, I live in the sanctuary.  The rescue will be my forever home. 

Good golly, it's Mrs. Molly!

Molly came to the rescue, as an owner surrender just 4 days before Christmas in 2016.  Molly is approximately 16 years old. She and her daughter, Little Bit, were companions for a horse.  Molly is a sweet jenny, but shows signs of mistreatment.  Once she learns to trust, she has a awesome personality and temperment.  Molly stands for the farrier and vet. 

Meet Little Bit!

Little Bit came to the rescue, as an owner surrender just 4 days before Christmas in 2016.  Little Bit is approximately 7 years old. She and her mom, Mrs. Molly, were companions for a horse.  Little Bit is a sweet jenny, and not quite as timid as her mom, and also shows signs of mistreatment.  Once she learns to trust, she has a awesome personality and temperment, like her momma.  Little Bit stands for the farrier and vet

My name is Hope.  I was brought to the rescue emaciated and weak from hunger at just 7 weeks old.  My momma died just weeks after I was born, and nobody fed me.  The rescue lady bottle fed me 3x a day for 4 months and gave me a nice warm blanket, so I could make it through winter.  I am 3 years old and better now and continue to grow, but have a rear leg birth deformity, and am knock-kneed.  I don't let me legs slow me down, and can run and play.